Oregon State Gems, Inc. Sunstone Mine

The Mining Process

Actual onsite video of the mining process on one of the OSG claims.

This Mine is For Sale

Oregon State Gems, Inc is set on a goal of providing large quantities of color consistent Oregon Sunstones to world markets. This concept is based on existing reserves and the ability to "turn" these reserves into inventory with patented optical gem sorting technology. It has been well documented by industry articles that "when" not "if" the Oregon Sunstone could be supplied in large quantities, world markets would accept them.

This opinion has its foundation based in similar situations where new stones, once made available in world market supplies, became popular to world consumers. An example is Tanzanite. Once reserves were turned into consistent inventory, it became an instant success.

Focal points of sale: Interested parties in this valuable opportunity must have verifiable references before a prospectus will be offered. Please keep in mind that OSG retains the mineral rights to over 1500 acres of gem bearing sunstone claims and large quantities of inventory. When combined with optical sorting technology this mine becomes a valuable financial resource.

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The Optical Sorter

Actual video of the optical sorting process with product from one of OSG's claims.

The Sorting System removes gemstones from aggregate at unprecedented rates and accuracy—helping achieve recovery, maximize yields, reduce overhead, and improve security.

Key Benefits:
By eliminating hand sorting from the mining process using the patented gemstone optical sorting system, has maximized production levels at an unprecedented rate.