Oregon Sunstones From Oregon State Gems, Inc.

Oregon State Gems proudly presents on
natures behalf, the Oregon Sunstone

Oregon State Gems is a family owned and operated enterprise in possession of one of the largest known reserves of gem quality sunstones in the world. Like the State of Oregon, who in 1987 made the sunstone its official state gem, Oregon State Gems has realized the potential of the sunstone and has proven its reserves. With over 1,500 acres of gem quality claims, the corporation has made the sunstone available in large quantities in specific color ranges.

Oregon State Gems was the first mining operation to apply optical sorting technology to sunstone production. Before this, gem quality sunstones were limited in supplies that would support world markets with duration. Now with the advent of optical sorting and in combination with vast reserves, Oregon State Gems proudly presents on nature’s behalf the Oregon Sunstone to the world.

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Oregon State Gems Gemstone Mine

Oregon State Gems, Inc. is now one of the largest vertically integrated suppliers of Oregon Sunstones in the country.

OSG, Inc. retains the mining rights to the largest probable reserve of Oregon Sunstones. By combining the company's substantial resources and product reserves with newly patented sorting technology, adequate, yet limited, supplies of this rare natural gemstone are now available to the national marketplace.

OSG, Inc. is capable of meeting the entire range of supplier or reseller needs, including specific quantities and styles of gemstones faceted to your specifications and supplying large quantities of rough in specific color ranges.

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